About Us

Weekend Gardener, Horticulture for Busy People, is a site maintained by folks who garden. We are not a seed or gardening company; we provide information solely for the enjoyment of the Internet community. We strive to provide independent information on gardening and seed starting. If you're looking for seeds or supplies, please see our list of catalogs from other wonderful companies.

We don't aim to be a huge gardening portal; rather, we provide links to sites that we believe will be of some value to you. You are welcome to browse our hand-picked links; it is our hope that you will discover some new gardening sites that are useful to you.

We also believe in the partnership of gardening and computers. Each of us here are truly weekend gardeners and we know the time constraints people are under these days. You like to garden, but can't seem to find the time. Perhaps you work in an office and have a long commute home. When you are home, you've got to make dinner or shuttle the kids around to their after-school activities. Maybe you live in an apartment in the city and travel to your country home each weekend. You love the satisfaction that comes from growing things, or perhaps you realize that a good landscape can add a significant amount to the value of your home. How can you have it all?

This is where we at Weekend Gardener hope to help people just like you. By choosing the right plants, tools, and techniques, and by breaking up activities into manageable, weekly tasks, you can enjoy a nice garden and even have time to relax in it. One step toward our goal is our GrowGuide, which will help you plan your seed-starting activities from week to week.

We invite you to browse around our web site. Be proud of the achievements you have reached thus far and the goals you have set for yourself. You deserve to come home to your own beautiful Weekend Garden.