Gardening Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Pronunciation Guide for Plants
Click on a name to hear its pronunciation so you'll sound like an expert the next time around. (Yes, it really is "kuh-TONE-ee-aster.")

Gardener's Dictionary
This online dictionary contains over 15,000 entries of plants, vegetables, pests, diseases, fertilizers, tools, and more. From the National Gardening Association.

Flower Dictionary
Planting facts and other info for some common annual flowers, from the U. of Illinois.

Botany Glossary
Brief descriptions of botanical terms that are actually understandable by non-botanists. From the U. of California Museum of Paleontology.

Plant, pest, and disease images, FAQs, and an illustrated glossary, from Ohio State U.

Rhododendron Glossary
By the American Rhododendron Society.

Roots of Botanical Names
Lavender comes from the latin root "lava," which means "wash" (lavender is used in bath water). Many interesting word origins from Karen Fletcher.