Select Gardening Sites

A nice crop of useful gardening web sites

This site contains a growing database of gardening apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices. Subscribe to their newsletter, Garden App Trends.

Weed ID Tool
A wide range of broadleaf and grasses with great photos to help you identify your garden weeds. From Michigan State U.

Plant Information Online
Search for plant and seed sources, images, and more, by common or scientific name. From the University of Minnesota.

Vegetable MD Online
Cornell U.'s plant pathology vegetable disease pages.

Vegetable Growing Guides
Detailed growing information for nearly 60 kinds of vegetables. From Cornell U.

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners
Read vegetable reviews from fellow gardeners. To add your own reviews, you'll have to log in with a social profile, like Facebook. From Cornell U.

Biology of Plants
Read how plants grow, adapt, and disperse seed in this understandable guide for kids.

Tomato Disease Diagnostic Key
Click the part of the plant showing symptoms to hone in on what the problem could be.

Cucurbit Disease Diagnostic Key
Click the part of the plant showing symptoms to hone in on what the problem could be.

Cooperative Extension System Offices
Click on your state to get a list of your local offices.

Pest Control Library
Use their photos to identify bugs, diseases, and animal pests in your garden. Don't know where to start with a bug? Use their Bug Mug Photo Index. From the National Gardening Association.

Reading Pesticide Labels
Discover the meaning of the specific, standard terms found on a pesticide label. From the National Pesticide Info Center.

Second Year Gardening
Made it through your first year? Here is practical advice for forging ahead with your second. (It's a good read for first-time gardeners, too).

Plant Finder
Search by plant type, hardiness zone, color, bloom season, and more. From the National Gardening Association.

My First Garden
A colorful, fun gardening site for kids (and parents too!), from the U. of Illinois Extension. It's available in Spanish, too.

Plant Disease and Insect ID Pests
Each "Pest Leaflet Series" guide contains clear information and colorful photos of common pests found in both home and garden. From Washington State U.

The Gardening Launch Pad
Lots of links broken down by category, by Jim Parra.

UConn Plant Database
Get planting info for trees, shrubs, and vines. Select plants by attributes (flowering period, fall color, etc) or search by common or Latin name.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
The official 2012 map is the standard gardeners use to determine which plants will thrive where they live.