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GrowGuide helps you plan a vegetable garden by informing you what you can sow, harden off, or transplant, week by week, based on your frost dates, in just a few steps.

To see what the results look like, view the sample output in table format (the default) or list format (best for mobile devices) — choose which one you like best in the form below.

For spring vegetable garden planning, select "Spring Garden" for the season, enter a planning date, your last spring frost date, and your first fall frost date. Weekly sowing, hardening off, and transplanting tasks for spring plantings are calculated for you from these dates.

For fall vegetable garden, select "Fall Garden" for the season, and follow the directions for spring planning above. Not all vegetables can be grown in the fall, but for those that can, you need to start the seeds in the summer. GrowGuide will tell you which vegetables can be grown in the fall garden and when to start them.

When it's time to start your seeds, take a look at our Seed Starting Techniques video for some helpful seed-sowing advice.

STEP 1: Select your growing season (required)
You can plan a spring or fall vegetable garden.

I am planning my

STEP 2: Select a planning date (optional)
GrowGuide will base its calculations on this date. For example, if you select today's date, your GrowGuide data will show what you can be sowing, transplanting, and hardening off today. (If no values are selected, the default is today: .)

STEP 3: Select your last spring frost date (required)
To learn more about frost dates, read our FAQ.

STEP 4: Select your first fall frost date (required)
To learn more about frost dates, read our FAQ.

STEP 5: Select your preferred output (optional)
Choose from a table (the default) or a list (best for mobile devices).