Radio and TV Gardening Shows

DIY (Do It Yourself) Network
TV show. DIY carries several gardening and landscaping programs. See what's on right now in their program guide.

Garden Smart
TV show. This PBS show combines garden design ideas with practical advice. Their home page includes an archive of all their past shows. See if it's on in your area on their showtimes page, or use the PBS Station Finder.

HGTV (Home and Garden Television)
TV show. This HGTV cable show airs dozens of gardening shows to suit many interests and skill levels. Call your local cable company to see if they offer it. Check out their show list to see a list of programs, or see what's on right now in their program guide.

TV show. Hometime often features episodes about gardening and landscaping. Check their program schedule and local listings.

The Victory Garden
TV show. Hosted by Michael Weishan, this is the classic garden show presented by PBS. Check out the PBS Station Finder to find all the PBS stations in your area so you can find out when it's on where you live.

Weekend Gardener with Mike Raley
Radio show. Hosted by Mike Raley and Ann Clapp from WPTF-AM (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC). You can listen live on WPTF's radio station, listen to recordings of the show on their web site, or download their MP3 podcasts.

You Bet Your Garden
Radio show. Mike McGrath hosts this nationally syndicated show airing out of WHYY-FM in Philadelphia. He makes many appearances and also has an extensive list of gardening questions and answers.