GrowGuide Sample Output & User Guide

Table format

GrowGuide sample table output

Here's how to "read" the GrowGuide output:

one Read the chart across and down. Here, GrowGuide is telling you that you can start cukes, melons, pumpkins, and squash indoors for the first time this season.
two You may continue sowing beets, kale, spinach, etc. outdoors.
three It's the last week you can sow onions outside to get any harvest this season.
four It's now time to harden off the brussles sprouts that you sowed indoors the week of March 6.
five You may continue trasplanting the broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower that you started from seed way back in late February.

Now, head on over to GrowGuide and create your own seed-starting chart for the week!