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About This Plant...
Genus and species: Callistephus chinensis
Plant type: cool-season annual
Height: 8-10 inches or 18-24 inches
Location and soil: sun; tolerates poor, dry soil
Uses: cutting, bedding, border, edging, containers
Bloom time: late summer-late fall
Color range: lavender, pink, red, rose, yellow, white
Indoor Sowing...
Time needed to reach transplant size: 6-8 weeks
When to transplant to garden: after last heavy spring frost
Outdoor Sowing...
When to sow outdoors: after last heavy spring frost
Other Sowing Guidelines...
Approx. germination time: 10-14 days
Germination temp.: 70 degrees F.
Sowing Depth: 1/16 inch
Needs light or dark to germinate: -
Transplanting Guidelines...
Spacing between plants: 12-15 inches
Growing On...
Pests: leafhoppers
Diseases: wilt, aster yellows
Growing tips: pinch back plants in late spring to encourage bushiness; rotate planting area each season to keep diseases from developing; asters do not transplant well; tolerates light frost

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