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About This Plant...
Family: Brassicaceae
Genus and species: Brassica oleracea (Botrytis group)
Growing Season: spring and fall
Indoor Sowing...
Time needed to reach transplant size: 6-8 weeks
When to transplant to garden: 4 weeks before to 2 weeks after last spring frost
Outdoor Sowing...
When to sow outdoors: 4 weeks before last spring frost
Other Sowing Guidelines...
Approx. germination time: 4-20 days
Germination temp.: 45-85 degrees F.
Sowing depth: 1/4 inch
Days to maturity: 50-80 days from transplant
Transplanting Guidelines...
Spacing between plants: 12-24 inches
Spacing between rows: 18-36 inches
Growing On...
Pests: cabbage loopers, imported cabbageworms, flea beetles, aphids, root maggots
Diseases: clubroot, black rot, downy mildew, white mold
Harvest: when buds on the head are firm and tight
Growing tips: protect transplants from hard frosts; sow seeds directly in garden in early summer for a fall crop

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