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About This Plant...
Family: Solanaceae
Genus and species: Solanum tuberosum
Growing Season: spring
Indoor Sowing...
Time needed to reach transplant size: -
When to transplant to garden: 2-4 weeks before last spring frost (plant whole, egg-sized seed potatoes; or, plant small pieces with 2-3 eyes each, but let them dry for a few days before planting)
Outdoor Sowing...
When to sow outdoors: -
Other Sowing Guidelines...
Approx. germination time: -
Germination temp.: -
Sowing depth: 2 inches
Days to maturity: 56-70 days
Transplanting Guidelines...
Spacing between plants: 10 inches
Spacing between rows: 30-42 inches
Growing On...
Pests: Colorado potato beetle, flea beetles, aphids, wireworms, European corn borer, leafhoppers, leaf miners
Diseases: early blight, late blight, potato scab, fusarium wilt, verticillium wilt, mosaic vius
Harvest: harvest new potatoes about 10 weeks after planting; harvest storage potatoes after the vines have died back
Growing tips: hill the plants when they reach 9 inches high by pulling up soil around them

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